THI was formed in 1938 when the tobacco hail and windstorm damage scheme was administered as a grower’s insurance co-operative, and over the years has developed into a professional insurer well known to the Zimbabwean tobacco community.

THI is now Zimbabwe’s most trusted and recognized insurer to the farming community. It has leveraged from its strong agricultural heritage to become a significant market presence in Zimbabwean agriculture, placing huge emphasis on reliability and maintaining an enviable record in claims settlement.

Whilst tobacco hail insurance was the backbone of the company from inception 83 years ago, the company’s strategy has led a drive to diversify into other crops and non-agriculture insurance products to meet the needs of a growing client base and to provide a full service capability to its niche clients.

These products include personal insurance lines, other crop insurance, tobacco processing infrastructure and transit, livestock, horticultural, farm workers’ accident cover, farm comprehensive, farm machinery and farm buildings.
THI’s long term objective is to become the pre-eminent participant in agricultural insurance across Zimbabwe and reaching into-Saharan Africa.

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