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What We Cover

For the comfort of the farmer we do offer a comprehensive farm policy that encompasses all of the above including other farm operations and assets as listed below. When a loss is about to strike, it does not give a notice and usually it happens at worst possible time. Why spend sleepless nights thinking about a misfortune when we are here to take care of your worries.
Are you aware that as a farmer you are liable for all dearth, injuries and damage to property as a result of your farming activities. Our liability policy will ensure you sleep peacefully.

Farm Comp

  1. Home Combined
  2. Motor (Private vehicles, Commercial vehicles Motor cycles)
  3. Plant all risks-tractors
  4. Personal accident
  5. Public & employers liability
  6. Crops & livestock insurance
  7. Tobacco buildings (Curing facilities, storage & grading sheds)


  1. Accidental damage
  2. Fire & allied perils
  3. Malicious damage
  4. Theft
  5. Liabilities

    Farm Comprehensive Cover

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